Running Socks for a Perfect Performance

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of feet to a runner. Thus, everything that ensures the maximum comfort to your feet is your number one priority. What should running socks look like and how do you choose them correctly?


Gear-conscious runners pay attention to their choice in socks. Their feet face some very unique conditions. Needless to say, socks for professionals will differ from ordinary ones. Constructed with an anti-slip wedge, they have a breathable mesh for air flow,  keeping your feet from sweating. Socks undergo extreme prolonged stretches during a run. Good running socks have the capacity to encounter these factors successfully time and time again.  

Running socks differ from sports socks by fabric. They could differ by antimicrobial and wicking properties, breathability, and cushioning  zones. Where the sock experiences the maximum load (toes, metatarsal, heel area and achilles) the sock is made with the maximum density. Where the load is small, the sock has low-density, providing good ventilation. 


Socks are not only made seamless, but also asymmetrical in shape. There is a right and a left sock, just like in running shoes.


Moisture removal is a key feature. The "pump" effect, where the bulk of the weave of polyester fibers are elastane, pulls and removes moisture from the surface, keeping you blister-free.


Socks made of natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, are not suitable for running. They're too rough and get wet easily. Socks should be made of synthetics, cut asymmetrically.


When choosing socks, try out different models of sneakers too with your new pair of socks and show some enthusiasm. After all, you're looking for a pair that will get you through long miles blister-free.

  • Tanwiz Abbas

    Can you please recommend some good souks and is that available in S&S sports Delma mall?

    • Ana Frank

      Tanwiz Abbas, please check availability and price with ASICS shop assitants in S&S Sports in Dalma Mall.

  • Tanwiz Abbas

    Souks read it as Socks*