Coffee and running: friend or foe?

While сaffeine is a preferred pre-workout supplement for many Olympic athletes, it still has its drawbacks. Caffeine is quite a topical issue among many runners. While pre-run caffeine has been shown to enhance performance and endurance, some athletes reduce caffeine intake to the minimum. Caffeine drinks can actually damage the fluid balance in the human body which can be especially dangerous when exercising and sweating. 


To avoid any unfavourable consequences many sportsmen only drink still water and herbal infusions whilst they are training. 


Some believe that caffine can give you mental alertness, improve your mood, and boost your desire to run harder.  Indeed, there are people who do need coffee to get them going in the morning and of course it’s ok to indulge in a cup or two in the morning. However, during your pre-run training season we would recommend reducing your caffeine intake to the minimum. 


If coffee tends to “get things moving” for you, consider replenishing what you’ve lost with an electrolyte-rich drink instead. If you’re use to drinking coffee on a daily basis, start a give-up plan two weeks in advance.


If you’re an amateur runner and you’re not pursuing any specific speed goal, you can continue enjoying your favourite drinks. But keep in mind, it’s recommended to quit coffee consumption a day before a marathon start. 


Ultimately, for a drink not to hurt your running performance an adequate fluid balance is essential. 

  • Chokri Nesir

    Well nice

  • Rajeev George

    Coffee for life ! End of story

  • Tarik Nadi

    It's nice to drink coffee for you to finish running

  • Alfie Joy Bulac

    just make it balance.

  • Rochelle Buyugawan

    I agree that caffeine can boost alertness and improve your mood. However, too much intake may cause some damages as well. So I would suggest to drink caffeine once or twice a day then, drink more of water to keep you hydrated. Thats my two cents! :)