Tips on Nurturing Your Body during Extensive Training

Training sessions over 30k are known as the ‘extensive’ ones. Brace yourself for running several hours on end. Naturally, your body will seek an energy boost to tackle these long runs and this is where the correct nutrition is essential.
A nutrition plan is highly individual. Consider using a metabolic rate calculator to keep an eye on your daily fuel. Bear in mind that your carbohydrate-load decision should take into consideration your circumstances, such as current diet and any medical issues. Remember, the higher the training volumes, the higher the demand for carbohydrates.
Fluids are also essential. You need to drink enough before, during, and after your run to perform your best. A smart choice is to start off your run well hydrated. Drink extra fluid in the days leading up to the event. A general rule is to take several small bottles with you and refill as required at the designated pit stops. 
Meal-prep race strategies don’t have to be complicated. Take, for instance, bananas. They are a staple in many marathon runner's diets. A chocolate bar, energy bars, dried fruit, and even baby formula are also a good option. You can also store up your waist pouch with pre-cooked potatoes wrapped in foil. 
Go on trail runs and experiment with various fuel snacks to find the right ones for you. No one can tell you for sure that an energy gel or dried fruit will sit nicely in your stomach by mile 15. Tried and tested foods are your friends.
Among no-good snacks are crackers and nuts. While they are easy to carry around, they can be hard on your digestive system. 
Here is a sure hit: don’t even think about running over 30k without fuel supply. On shorter distances, nutrition is optional. Some can easily go without a powerful punch of quick energy, but every organism has its own capacity. If it’s not natural for your stomach to take on nutrition while running, you can train your gut to cope with the absence of food.
How do you prefer to replenish your energy levels during long-distance runs? What are your tips on tackling the long run? Share them in the comment section below. 

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